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We Are In This Together

In 2011, The Jack Pribaz Foundation was launched in Winfield, Illinois, with the belief that we could not be alone. Our local community rose up around us heroically as we set out to find more kids with KCNQ2-related epilepsy. Soon we were connecting with more families, and the word was spreading.

Our network of support has now grown far beyond our own backyard, and we hope you will be inspired to lend your support—from wherever you are. Volunteer some time at a local event, or attend one, or donate with a few clicks. Ask about how to organize your own local fundraiser with one of our convenient “kits,” or find out how to become a corporate sponsor. Or link your own local group and its efforts with KCNQ2.org to increase your exposure and expand our reach. We are all in this together, in search for a cure.

Where does your support go? It is important to note that no funds are used or ever have been used to benefit Jack Pribaz or his family. The Jack Pribaz Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity, and your donations go to research and raise awareness of KCNQ2-related epilepsy.


–DONATE. Your contribution is tax exempt. Every little bit helps! Visit our donation page and make your donation today!

–VOLUNTEER your time. Check our Q2 Calendar to see where and when the next big thing is happening and who to contact to find out more!

–BECOME A CORPORATE SPONSOR. Contact Angela Cherry at alcherry@kcnq2.org to discuss opportunities to underwrite partial costs of fundraisers, donate goods or services, or other great ideas that make a difference.

–MATCHING FUNDS. Have your HR benefits manager contact Angela Cherry at alcherry@kcnq2.org to get The Jack Pribaz Foundation on your list of participating public charities to match funds.

–Submit your Request To Network Here:

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    We share your enthusiasm and want to support your efforts to join the fight against KCNQ2-related epilepsy! For us it was truly heartening to feel the support of our local community when we first started to explain what KCNQ2 is and how important it is to raise awareness and money for research.

    We are willing to bet that you have been approached by friends, family, and coworkers who have asked how they can help. Beyond directing them to our website where they can click to contribute, you may be inspired to host a fundraiser in your town. If you are, please complete this quick form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to talk about next steps.

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      Imbibe 4 Kids
      September 5, 2014, at Imbibe Martini Bar in Youngstown, Ohio

      Photos with stamp courtesy of Jennifer Greco with Turtleneck Photography

      Jack’s Army Golf Outing
      July 14, 2014, at Klein Creek Golf Club in Winfield, Illinois